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Royal Dental Implants
Offering dental cosmetics, dental implants. Claim to have senior doctors available around the clock and have one of the largest dental centre's in Mumbai, equipped with the latest technology
They claim to be offering the following dental services for patients of any age
  • straightening and beautification of teeth in one day
  • fix teeth with dental implants within 1 day
  • Closing spaces between upper and lower teeth
  • Protruding upper teeth pushed back and straightened
Consultancy charges Rs 600 with prior appointment. Implants handled by Dr Chamria , implantologist trained in Germany & USA . Patients who have used their services can send their reviews to

Royal Dental Clinics Pvt. Ltd
Kandivili Address: Near Saidham Temple Thakur Complex, Kandivli (E), Mumbai, close to western express highway
Malad Address: Poddar Road, Opposite Railway Station, Malad (E), Mumbai

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